Bridging Art Therapy and Nero-science

Science and Culture: Searching for the science behind art therapy.

In the article above, written by Carolyn Beans, we get a look into current research exploring the effects of engaging in Art Therapy treatment and healing the brain. Read the full article (link above) to hear more about one Veterans first hand account of how Art Therapy healed his PTSD symptoms. This article quotes Juliet King, an associate professor in the Masters in Art Therapy program at my alma mater, George Washington University.

Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 2.37.35 PM

“One core tenet, though not yet scientifically proven, is that different art media activate different brain regions. “Less resistive media like water color or clay [are] going to tap into more emotional centers,” explains King. “More resistive media—pencils, rulers, building something 3D—[are] going to utilize more cognitive processes.”’

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