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Last month, I had the pleasure of presenting at a TATA event centered around Self-Care and exploring how important ongoing self-care is for both clinicians and our clients. The presentation gave me a chance to reflect on ways I incorporate self-care into my own routine, and unsurprisingly my big take-away from putting the presentation together was that I seem to typically gravitate towards art as self-care.

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If I am exploring a new city I typically visit a local museum or market. I like to take pictures of other artist’s work that I like for general inspiration. I like to challenge myself to learn a new art medium every so often, and I typically gravitate towards making someone a card or gift over buying one. Below are a few slides from my presentation, including a piece of art I made when I was five years old. The picture has a “Rothko: feel to it, and it is sacred to me because it reminds me that the artist part of myself has existed far before my conscious childhood memories.

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