Seasonal Shifts


For many of us East Coasters in America we are in winter weather mode! With this comes colder weather and less sunlight, which can have a small or large impact our mental health.
The science behind the changes we feel are linked to possible lower serotonin (a neurotransmitter connected to mood) levels from reduced sunlight, and higher melatonin (a sleep-related hormone) levels which can increase in darkness.
Several ways to feel better adjusted:
  1. Eat foods that pour warmth into our bodies. Kind of like a warm internal hug- hot soups, teas, and warm foods can comfort our bones.
  2. Exercise. Keeping our energy levels high is important- a short walk, indoor yoga or exercise can increase our dopamine levels.
  3. Meet up with friends. Talking and connecting with others often gets us out of the house.
  4. Clear the clutter. Use the extra time spent indoors to clean, reorganize, and purge things we don’t use or need.

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