Mood Mandala.


Sometimes it’s difficult to identify and articulate how we might be feelings. One creative way to “check-in” with ourselves is to create a mood mandala.

  1. Make a list of all the feelings you feel throughout your day- from when you first wake up until bedtime.
  2. From this list, choose 5 or more feelings you feel most often throughout your day.
  3. Assign a color to each individual feeling to make a key.
  4. Color your mandala using your key. The more often you feel a certain feeling the more that color should be used within that mandala. Consider placement as well i.e.. what feelings lie in your core? What feeling surrounds your outer edge for support? Which feelings lead into one another? Which do you sometimes feel at the same time?

Tips: Choose an easy mandala pattern that you can complete in 20-25 minutes. Use a medium such as colored pencils or watercolor that can blend colors for feelings that overlap. You can also assign a pattern to a feeling as well.

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