On Self-Care

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“A rising tide lifts all the ships…”

The above quote is one of my favorites. It reminds us that a wave doesn’t lift just one ship- or even one ship at a time…it lifts all the ships at once, which is a beautiful metaphor for the impact of self-care. Self-care is an investment in yourself first, and when we invest in ourselves, it impacts everyone we interact with. We are the wave, and our tribe the ships. When we practice self-care, our partner may notice we are happier, more attentive, and willing to go out of our way to do something special for them. We may notice ourselves having more patience with our children or better managing stressful situations at work.

What comes to mind when you think of self-care? Is it indulgence… like a sweet dessert… or perhaps treating yourself to a manicure after a long day at work. Maybe it’s making a 30 second doodle or a 15 minute dance party. Perhaps it’s going to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual, or waking up early to enjoy your coffee solo with a favorite podcast. Maybe it’s hanging eucalyptus in the shower or lighting a candle before bed. Self-care is wrapping your own arms around yourself and squeezing tight, reminding yourself that you are your biggest advocate, support, and cheer leader- so treat yoself! Take a moment to make just a few minutes of your day special, because YOU deserve it.

Below is an art therapy intervention I use with client’s to help them easily identify different ways to incorporate self-care into their week. Client’s can rip-off a self-care “tab” when they are in need of a dose, or they can gift a self-care tab to friend or loved one. ┬áHaving a tangible, visual, and accessible representation of self-care hanging up at your office or on the fridge can help make self-care a feasible part of your weekly routine!


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