“This was my first experience with counseling, and I’m so glad I had Meg to walk me through it. I can’t imagine anyone better. It always felt like she was listening actively and found places to challenge me when I needed, and provided understanding and compassion when I needed that instead. Thanks so much for working with me! It was a pleasure.”

“My experience with Meg has been by far the most beneficial to my overall health. She has been a beacon of light and insight on my road to recovery.” 

“Meg Bearman’s office has always felt like a safe and trusting environment. Through therapy with her, I’ve learned tools to better cope with my anxieties and to better acknowledge my self-worth.”

“Working with Meg was a great experience! I looked forward to our sessions each week. She helped me navigate through a difficult time when I was experiencing a lot of anxiety. She is an amazing therapist!”

“Meg has totally changed my perspective on therapy. She has turned me into a believer and my quality of life has increased so much since I started seeing her. Thank you Meg!”

“…I don’t think I could have come out of my trauma without her. I have become more grounded, powerful, and confident because of her, and I am eternally grateful.”

“I looked forward to my weekly sessions, as the space was always comfortable and relaxing. I was able to grow and look at myself in a safe way. Meg changed my life for the better.”

“Meg has been a huge help in my healing process in the worst time in my life. She really helped me understand why I feel the way I do and helped suggest ways to feel better. I wish she could move with me so that I could continue to see her.”

“She allowed me to feel comfortable and explore my thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. I never felt judged or worried. It always felt like talking to friend.”

“Very comfortable space each week to talk. She had a lot of good insights and feedback that helped me understand a lot of things about myself.”