Anderson Cooper and Steven Colbert: Grief, Resiliency, and Healing

Recently, Anderson Cooper interviewed late night talk show host Steven Colbert on his show Anderson Cooper 360. Cooper, who recently lost his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, opened up to Colbert about his grief and public healing process. Colbert lost his two older brothers and father following a plane crash, at the young age of ten yearsContinue reading “Anderson Cooper and Steven Colbert: Grief, Resiliency, and Healing”

Tennessee Art Therapy Association

Last month, I had the pleasure of presenting at a TATA event centered around Self-Care and exploring how important ongoing self-care is for both clinicians and our clients. The presentation gave me a chance to reflect on ways I incorporate self-care into my own routine, and unsurprisingly my big take-away from putting the presentation togetherContinue reading “Tennessee Art Therapy Association”

Bridging Art Therapy and Nero-science

Science and Culture: Searching for the science behind art therapy. In the article above, written by Carolyn Beans, we get a look into current research exploring the effects of engaging in Art Therapy treatment and healing the brain. Read the full article (link above) to hear more about one Veterans first hand account of howContinue reading “Bridging Art Therapy and Nero-science”

Artist David Best and the Parkland Anniversary Temple

Artist David Best, famous for his ephemeral wooden structures built around the world, is currently constructing a ‘Temple of healing’ to commemorate the 17 victims of the Parkland shooting one year ago today. The Temple will be covered in words and expressions of healing by the community, and then it will be set ablaze. Best’sContinue reading “Artist David Best and the Parkland Anniversary Temple”

Podcast Spotlight: Believed

Currently captivated by the NPR podcast “Believed,” which takes us inside the story of sexual predator Larry Nassar, the former USA  gymnastics Olympic team doctor and osteopathic physician at Michigan State University. This story is an incredible window into how untreated trauma, specifically sexual abuse, has a lasting effect on our emotional and physical wellbeing.Continue reading “Podcast Spotlight: Believed”

3 Benefits to Therapy

  Reducing Stress. Learn how to create more balance into your every day life. Strategies like learning how to say no and when to say yes, and creating routines, can result in a significant decrease in stressful experiences and relationships.   Increase Self-Care. Giving yourself the gift of one hour a week to vent frustrationsContinue reading “3 Benefits to Therapy”