Relational Trauma with Makena Hartlin

On this episode of Mind of A Song, Meg is joined by singer-songwriter Makena Hartlin. Makena performs her song “The Apple” and shares her experience with relational and family trauma and its long-term impact when navigating her own adult relationships. Makena explores how performing music and song-writing is her tried and true healing process toContinue reading “Relational Trauma with Makena Hartlin”

Mind of A Song with Meg Bearman

Welcome to Mind of A Song where host Meg Bearman, a Licensed professional counselor and art therapist in Nashville, TN explores the intersection of mental health and musicianship, and resilience. Each episode we bring on one guest, to perform one song, and engage in one intimate conversation about how this song came to be- specifically reflecting an experience around mental health and how music and art can provide a safe space to rise above.