Therapeutic Thoughts & Things

I get asked quite often if I think “everyone” should be in therapy. Typically this is asked to me by a client of mine, and I always find myself answering it in the same way. I don’t think everyone needs to be in therapy. Truly. Therapy is a lot of work. For every breakthrough and self-discovery, there are countless sessions full of heart ache and grappling with difficult self-truths that are not easy to accept. I am continually in awe of my clients for their perserverance and hard work.

I do tell my clients that it is difficult for me to imagine how giving oneself 50 minutes a week to be listened to, is harmful. I explore with them what it feels like to have my undivided attention. I applaud them for gifting themselves a space each week to be heard, and I appreciate them choosing me to be the valued listener.


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